hello from melbourne

21 Feb

My level of boredom when I’m alone in my room has decreased now that I
a) have internet
b) have books(magazines etc); courtesy of Mr Enoch Lee

It’s terrible in the early hours of the morning when you have nothing to do…luckily that is something of the past. I hope.

I have yet to:
a) watch Akihabara@deep
b) finish watching Yukan Club
c) watch Sushi Oji
d) finish Kamen Rider Den-O
e) start Kamen Rider Kiva
f) try the latest Phoenix Wright(sorry, Apollo Justice) game
g) buy stuff fromlook at Borders and Readings when I’m not feeling so poor
h) cook dinner for today (I procrastinate when I’m alone and when Lin is not with me)
i) check out what manga I’ve missed when I didn’t have internet access
j) boil water(yes I still boil water despite assurances that Melbourne water is clean and safe enough to drink from the tap. Plus it’s nice to have hot water).
k) take a tram(yes shocking I know).
l) go to the city (yes yes, another shock yeap).
m) attend any classes
n) check Oricon and check for Johnny’s releases
o) find out the name of the stores that sell Johnny’s merchandise in Melbourne
p) read and catch up on everyone’s blogs

…I’ve left myself many things to do because I believe in saving them all for cases of extreme boredom. I haven’t really been taking pictures of Melbourne, but right now, it’s nice and cool(much cooler than it was this morning and afternoon and sources+weather report says tomorrow will be cold so YAY). Have to settle my enrolment tomorrow in Uni… now again I can’t decide on my combi of subjects ack.

And random note, I bumped into Drake today =D LONG TIME NO SEE?
And my feet hurt. I AM DYING FOR A PAIR OF HAVAIANAS.  Either that or a visit to Converse in DFO or something is deeply needed.
And my hair is getting oiler. I thought it was supposed to get drier? What happened???!

Music: Honjitsu, Mijukumono by Tokio
currently reading: April 2006 reader’s digest =D 

A few photos before I run off to cook+eat+whatever else I need to do.

went out with the cousins 2 days before flying

a family photo in Umai-Ya =D THE FOOD. I miss the food already though I had pretty good sashimi not too long ago

I was too busy eating to take pictures. This was done by my brother whose hand was a little shaky that night I  guess.

But thefood was oh-so-wonderful. *dies*

Before I forget must must must express thanks to Mr Scott Lim aka SuLin’s big brother and Pearl for jagaing me when I first came to Melbourne. I felt so spoilt, had people cooking for me and driving me places to get stuff and to buy stuff, seriously very lucky >.< . And I love Lin because without her I would feel really alone(and lost) here. And also Mr Enoch Lee for letting me constantly kacau him (Sorry!).

And now I really really should get to cooking dinner =D I’m going vegan tonight!

3 Responses to “hello from melbourne”

  1. Sung February 22, 2008 at 11:14 pm #

    Dont u love me? Hahaha. Xhin can you really cook? Blog more ya!

  2. venxhin February 23, 2008 at 7:35 am #

    well sung sung, let’s put it this way.. I’ve survived in Melbourne for about a week now and I DID NOT eat out every day =D so I guess I should be able to cook somewhat gua =PPPP enough to survive!
    and su lin says hi btw

    and you should blog more too!!!!!!!!

  3. yi-wen February 25, 2008 at 12:52 am #

    Melbourne is mini-Malaysia. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO BE LONELY.
    Tell me what Kiva is like when you’ve tried it, I’m going back a year and trying Kabuto!!

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