Still alive although I eat my own cooking!

26 Feb

In the past one week plus in Australia, I have drunk more milk than I have ever drunk in about 4 months back in Malaysia. I wasn’t really a big milk person back there >.> . Currently, I’m trying to remember if I stopped at episode 36/37 or 38 of Den-O. Gah.  I currently crave cheesecake and unfortunately, this cheesecake that I crave is within easy easy reach. ACK. By easy I mean downstairs. ACK ACK ACK. Must…not…give….in….

Times to never convert when buying stuff in Melbourne:
1. When you’re buying groceries generally
2. When you’re ordering food in restaurants
3.  When you’re buying anything =D

Ok, basically, don’t ever convert back to ringgit in your head cos it’ll probably hurt.

I believe I haven’t talked about my room yet. Well, it’s small. And I like it small. Because I have discovered that I have OCD that I’ve never really suspected before. And this OCDness is that I feel the urge to clean. Meticulously. Continuously. Frequently. Therefore, if I had a large room, I would spend too much time cleaning and not enough time doing anything else. It doesn’t apply to any other room except for mine. Or at least I don’t think it does.

O Week (the fun part of it supposedly) starts today…. >.> am not looking forward to it. I want to be a least for a while… >.< Sigh Sigh Sigh.

One Response to “Still alive although I eat my own cooking!”

  1. liyenn February 29, 2008 at 3:30 am #

    hahaha..i agree..don’t convert..very good principle =) eh..take pics of your room!! =p=p know en li has a blog?

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