I’m updating =D

3 Mar

Today was my first day of uni…if you can count less than 2 hours of lectures my first day…but yeah.
I woke up at the wonderful time of 6.39 am today to the sound of someone trying to open my door. SEE MY PARANOIA ABOUT WHETHER MY DOOR IS LOCKED OR NOT IS NOT JUST RANDOM PARANOIA. But anyway,I don’t think it’s a dream because…that person tried a second time after the first sound woke me up. Either someone’s stumbling in super drunk in the early hours of the morning, unable to recognise his/her own room etc etc etc or… Well.. whatever.

The 8am Biology lecture wasn’t too bad I guess, but nothing much was really covered today so I can’t really comment. I had a two hour break, one hour of which I spent waiting for a shop to open, the other was spent browsing in Borders(yes I was in the children’s section) and groceryfruit shopping in Safeway zzz(I seem to only be capable of planning to cook one meal a day…which isn’t very good actually). I made it in time for the Japanese lecture after wandering around lost in the Law building for a while(not my fault, their signboards are not cool). Lin arrived a little late because she had to walkrun all the way from the main campus and she pointed out to me that when my Geography practicals start, I will be in the same boat. Ack.

Weather today in Melbourne was hot. It was horrible. And according to the weather report I saw yesterday night, it will be hot for the next few days. *dies* I have a very low heat tolerance. I wonder why I’m Malaysian, then I remember, Oh yeah, it’s cos of the fooD. WHEN WILL AUTUMN START? Ohhhh DID I SEE MORNING SHOWER FOR TOMORROW? YATTA!!! It says ‘Possible‘. *Crosses fingers* Incidentally. Today was laundry day. For me. And also for about half of Sophia House’s occupants >.> . Note to self, henceforth, Laundry Day will be Tuesday. Or it’ll have to be Thursday or Friday…cos Wednesday is my crazy timetable day. Sigh. And the dryer didn’t dry everything this time.. I had to spread stuff all over my bed and my two chairs and other stuff too. Sigh.

I’ve been doing and saying stupid things lately. As in more than usual. I have at least 5 incidents in the past 3/4 days to look back to and cringe over and beat myself over the head for. Ugh.

Yong yong asked for pictures of my room, so here is a picspam of sorts.
(by the way, I have a small room. Really small.)

This is one of the most important things in my room…my fan.
Incidentally, you can see the view from my window. =D. I can see Oxfam. Yay.
The fan was worth every timesthree dollar I paid for it. Because the heat would be terrible without it. Stifling heat. Ugh.

This is my ‘bad (typoed when uploading. ack.)
No, I didn’t fold the quilt just because I was taking a picture. Ask the people who have visited my room or Lin who comes basically every day. =D I always fold it. OCDness prevails~(and now the sheets have already been changed and the quilt cover is squeaky clean because it got a bath in the washing machine today and thankfully dried.  Yay!)bad
This is my desk and shelf. Yay. The tv doesn’t work, and I can’t be bothered to get it to work. See my laptop is showing my blog =D Self plug. And you can see my two solitary chairs. If there are more than two people in my room, the rest have to sit on my bed, and I get all OCD and freak out about it >.<
This is my wardrobe. It doesn’t have any shelves. This means my clothes are either hanging or piled up on the bottom *sigh*. And yes, that is a Kinki Kids poster that you see.And yes, I did carry it all the way from Malaysia. And no, I don’t have a winter jacket(oh no! =D)

My kitchen! I actually have pictures of lin and I cooking somewhere…..but not sure where @.@
You can see my fridge which is covered with all sorts of fridge magnets =D

And finally, the tour of my tiny little places ends in..the bathroom! I took a picture of the mirror or else i wouldn’t have been able to take everything… and yeap, that’s it =D
By the way, for a nice looking place, get lin to take pictures of her apartment. Now that is a NICE place. I love how it looks. *jealous*. And I’m also jealous of the apartments down my road. *jealous*

Here’s the part where I put in random photos.

One of the last pictures I took at home. Yes, I admit, he’s holding bears because I put them there.

This is the reason why I’m not really homesick…because when I’m at home I just look around and every thing I see reminds me that he’s not there any more and it just makes me depressed.
I’ll always miss my baby doggie.

…time to do devotion and then sleep. Love y’all =DD
(I haven’t really been coming online much so I still have yet to watchDen-O… ;.;)

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