and you read these titles for fun, right? =D

8 Mar

Once in a while, I worry that I may have been wired up wrongly.

Then I remember, I am one of God’s creations, and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Once in a while, I worry that I’m useless and that nothing I do will ever truly matter.

Then God reminds me that He gave me abundant gifts and blessings and He has a great and wonderful Plan for my life.

And then I don’t worry so much anymore.

…I’ve more or less had my first week in uni =D. Didn’t have a ‘full’ week because practicals generally start only in the 2nd week or later… And what do I think of it so far? I kinda like it. It is true lectures can be boring and confusing at parts, but I like the tutorials. And it’s nice to study something I really have an interest in. Or to be exact, to study two things I am interested in, one thing I kinda like, and another subject I had to take to avoid taking Chemistry or Maths or Physics. Er whoops.

I think my appetite has grown, which isn’t something I celebrate.. >.< And I have been stuffing my face. Nooooo. Plus, besides walking, I don’t really do any exercise. Ack ack ack.

Changing to a happier topic, I bought a new Bible =D Happy happy! Cos the one I brought over is my study bible. Which is big and heavy, which makes it deeply unsuitable for lugging to and from church/cell/etc. Thank you to Weng Yan for bringing me to Word to get it =D Another thing I did today: turn up unexpectedly at Lin’s place..not totally unexpectedly, I told her yesterday that I was going over, but forgot to call her today before leaving my place. Oops =D.

One random picture, because, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s more interesting to have pictures on one’s blog, ne?
Picture was taken yesterday night after dinner when we were stoning in the lounge in my place after dinner, and we realised we could see each other in the reflection in the glass(very clearly)…and out came the phones to take pictures ^^
my little W660i couldn’t really do much, I’m sure Nick and Enoch got better shots..(Enoch ought to have, he took about 15 frames >.>)
What I do like about this picture is that you can vaguely see all three of us holding our phones trying to take a picture, lol.

Random music: Chiisana koi no uta by Mongol800
They’re classified under ska-punk which I don’t really understand but whatever. I love this song though I more or less encountered it randomly in Proposal Daisakusen. ^^

On a little side note, I was supposed to be studying up my hiragana but ended up bumming online. >.<

One Response to “and you read these titles for fun, right? =D”

  1. starfish March 10, 2008 at 1:01 pm #


    add me on msn!!!

    hahaha IF u rmmbr me la 😉

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