Still a tourist!

10 Mar

I shall now reveal embarrassing story of the day. Lin has no worries cos the silliest person was obviously MOI.

Well anyway, the tale begins after lunch =D. Lin and I were walking back to uni when a small furry gray thing on all fours was spotted walking around some trees.

Ven Xhin: Hey look, is that a koala?  (yes I am a bimbo)
Su Lin, who is not bimbotic and is nice enough not to whack me over the head with my silliness: Maybe it’s a raccoon…
Ven Xhin, wondering inside if there are raccoons in Australia, gets a better look at the ‘koala/raccoon’: Well, it’s definitely a marsupial. I’m sure of that. Wait. Is it a possum? I thought possums had tails!!!
Random girl who was walking somewhere nearby: Oh, that possum got its tail ripped off!
Random guy walking from opposite direction, saying to his friends: Look! A possum with its tail ripped off!
Random passers-by: Possum, possum
Ven Xhin: No one else said koala. I feel stupid now.

I am still a tourist! ANYTHING SMALL GRAY AND MOVING IS A KOALA~~~!!!!
(Brain is fried from the heat over the past few days)


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