Left handed seats + IT’S SO HOT IN MELBOURNE

17 Mar

I want to melt away or hibernate in my fridge for a while… Why is the weather so hot?
I walked all the way up from the city to the Uni tram stop yesterday because the trams were stopped because of a anti-war protest going on and it was HOT then and it was hot today too *melts further*. Lin and I went to Lygon street, originally to buy her dinner. We ended up buying my dinner instead >.> (I decided that it was too hot to bother with cooking, so I will be eating that and veggie/fruits tonight).

Away from the weather, today in Japanese in the beginning of the class, I was super excited when the lecturer started showing a Kouhaku clip, since I’ve never watched any of the Kouhaku perfomances(I focus too much on Johnny’s ^^U). Sadly, no sound, and she didn’t show much of it in the end. Sad!

Last week, I was rather surprised to learn that there are left handed seats, not only in the Copland Theatre, but also in SMAC’s Carillo Gantner! Yay for the lefties in Melbourne Uni! =D
I must admit, I was initially sceptical of the ones in Copland Theatre, I suspected that they put the tables on the left to make more walking room, but the ones in SMAC have to be deliberate, because they are placed in such a way that the walkway on the side has less, not more space..so I take the ones in Copland in good faith, and believe that they thought of us when designing them ^^ . Right handers, stay out of those seats =P There are like hundreds more made specially for you, go sit in those instead and let us lefties enjoy our left handed seats!

Some photos on principle =DDD

Went to Stalactite(s) (can’t remember if it had an S or not) for an all girl’s out dinner =DD
one half of the table hehe

and that’s the other half of the table =D

The food was pretty good, but eating it was very messy >.<
Weng Yan was impressive though, so amazingly NEAT.
Stasha joined us after dinner and after the bowling…

…group picture! =D
Kit Mun discovered a newfound love for bowling that night xD
(and thank you for the printer, *feels very loved*)

And now some older pictures! Uploaded them a while back, but my internet was driving me NUTS that day!!! But now should be ok..I HOPE!

I think this was the last time I saw all of them together before leaving…
Of course Lin is over here with me heheh.

Must put up rare picture with mandy darling! It feels strange not being on the same continent as you! (but I know we have yuan fen! =D that has already been proven!)

thank you all for dragging yourselves out of bed to see me(and lin) off!!!

I believe my sister has that shifty eyed look cos she’s thinking “Heh heh, the computer’s all mine now! MUAHAHAHAHA!” =P

And finally the WMS gang pic!








The people acting are…MIZUSHIMA HIRO (*hyperventilate number one* fyi, he was the dorm 2 head in HanaKimi) AND MOKOMICHI HAYAMI(*hyperventilate number two* he was the tallest handsem one in Gokusen 2, Hermes’ hawt brother in Densha Otoko!!!)….. I LOVED THE MANGA!!!! IT WAS ONE OF THE RARE NON-ANIMAL MANGAS THAT MADE ME CRY.

I have no idea who’s the girl and I don’t really care…

OHMYGOSHZETTAI KARESHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*goes to be supremely happy somewhere*

I LOVE ZETTAI KARESHI. (translates as Absolute Boyfriend for everybody’s information) =D


(and the coolest thing is…no Johnny’s and I’m still so happy =DDDDD )

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