Happy Easter =D

23 Mar

“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins….” Ephesians 1:7a

I enjoyed the long Easter weekend that began with the 9am service in church on Friday… Had to wake up early because trams stopped at La Trobe St, so we got to walk down to Flinders/Russell @.@ . Let’s not talk about walking because I have done an unusually high amount of that over the last few days. Worship was awesome as usual, and the sermon itself was very interesting, a glimpse of sorts into the way Jews celebrate the Passover and the significance of the rituals and how they all relate. Oddly, I realised I knew more than one would normally expect about the Passover feast, and from a rather odd source(one of Pearl S. Buck’s books o.o) . Left almost immediately after service with Stasha(and got accused of being anti-social =P)… Later on went back into the city to go to Collin’s St to head over to Port Melbourne to meet Linny and the UL group for a bbq =D . It just so happened that I remembered the name of the restaurant that Nick, Selena, Enoch et al wanted to eat fish and chips at – plus it was pretty noticeable thanks to the massive line outside so I went to say hi…and got accused of being antisocial again @.@ .

Ai Jet came to pick me up and we headed over to the extremely windy barbeque area. I happily dumped mashed potatoes on Lin at one point when the wind blew too hard >.< . After the ‘main’ makaning, they decided to play games, most of which involved running or excess physical movement at some point. Obviously not up for it, I decided to go emo on the …outlet? Actually I was feeling a teensy littlest bit down…partly triggered by the sight of so many happy doggies running around on the beach, but anyways.. I did have time to bersosial okies =D

The ‘smart’ group who sat out of the wind to eat after a while haha…
AiJet was part of the group too, but she was holding the camera so yeah ^^U
(btw, notice the disparity of gender =DDD)

The wind was so super strong >.<, one’s hair gets sooo messed up.
(but note, I am not complaining about the cold weather, I’d rather have it cold like that day that hot @.@)

Hehheh, I just like this picture so it has to go up =DD

On Saturday, another early morning to go visit my auntie on Boxhill. As usual gave myself too much walking time, and got on an earlier tram, ended up in Boxhill at 9.30am @.@ . Went out with Aunt and Uncle and very cute baby for breakfast, walked around Boxhill Central for a while, then was brought to Smith St to buy shoes =D . Got sent home after that(they stayed for a little while to chat and the baby played drums on one of my chairs ^^U). Later, helped Cheng Lin with groceries, rushed down to the city to meet some fellow GTians =D. We stoned in Starbucks for a while, then decided to have Dominoes for dinner and ate it in College Square Swanston… Incidentally I think I stoned for over three hours in the lounge watching random TV shows, and we ended up watching almost the whole ‘The Time Machine’ movie starring the Cyclops guy whose name I forget at the moment. I’m afraid my commentary might have been a bit annoying for Jason cos as some of you know, when I watch a movie outside a cinema(i.e. at home, at a friend’s place, at a relative’s place etc), I tend to talk. A lot. Especially if the movie is too predictable or irritating. ^^U (Remember that silly movie Premonition? I think the four of us will always be divided in the opinion of whether it was a good movie or not -.- And Wei Yang, if you ever read this, I am really eager to kpc at you =P).

Sunday morning(Easter Sunday yay! =DD). Again, woke up early because wanted to go for pre-service prayer =D and made it on time hehe. I was feeling rather silly-ly happy during praise and worship after that when they sang ‘Saviour King’, because I like the song and I just felt happy cos heh I helped type in some of the projected words. Silly right?
Sermon today was about two of God’s promises, which are through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are set free from our past sins, and in the same way, His death and resurrection sets our future free too =DDD. It’s not like I’ve never heard the message before, but you need reminders once in a while ^^ . And I need to remember to cling onto His promises.

Had lunch in St Kilda’s, at some fish and chips shop…the food was pretty good =DD
Company was good too haha…
I was tired though so I stoned a bit (and I fell asleep on the tram on the way there, a first time for me!)
It was a very good girl bonding time though hehehe.sth70499.jpg
but the weather was quite the hot @.@

Janice got squished in the middle as usual? =DDD

To end my busy day, had dinner with some Sri Cempakans plus 2 extras… it was interesting, seeing I didn’t remember almost all of them and they don’t remember me either =D . I enjoyed the food though, definitely dragging Lin there if I have the chance to haha ^^. Dinner ended with the telling of lame jokes(causing further damage to my IQ points). I just found out, Viv stalks me xD I will attempt to stalk her too if I can find out where she lives since I’ve never heard of her place.

Anyways, tomorrow will be heading out on my very first road trip hee! (I didn’t know that you had to be over 21 here to rent cars. Yay for over 21 friends who can drive!) Will probably post again with pictures when I get back!

One likes this song much much =D

One Response to “Happy Easter =D”

  1. starfish April 4, 2008 at 8:49 am #

    what a superly duperly long post!
    hahaha dont blame my jokes on your iq points!
    btw jiajing told me the charsiewpau joke one ok! so blame her!

    yeah come stalk me baby (: i passed by your house again today and was staring up at your window from below, wondering if u were home…


    starfish=viv btw!

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