anyone willing to go with me?

9 Apr

Neil Gaiman 1pm May 5.

Village Roadshow Theatrette

Entry 3, State Library of Victoria

La Trobe Street, Melbourne

That one above… He mentioned on his site that the venue is pretty small so we should book…
I don’t want to drag Linny with me to an event to see an author she isn’t interested in so… ^^U Anyone willing to come with a fangirl who will probably stone and be too shy to even approach him to ask for a signing?(not like I even have any books here ;.; ) (and actually even if I do line up to get something signed I would probably be too tongue tied to even speak. Acks.)

Below are the other events he’s going to be in I think…
9.15am CBCA Keynote Session
Address: Melbourne Convention Centre
Corner Spencer & Flinders Streets

7.00pm Literary Dinner
Address: Georges Restaurant, 819 Burke Road, Camberwell
20 minute author talk & 40 min Q&A session following dinner

(I don’t know if I should bother going for the Q&A because I won’t even ask anything >.< )

(if Pterry ever came here I think I would roll around on the ground and probably die from happiness.)

(But of course I would probably do the same thing if any of the JE people I like came here. Or Gackt with SKIN. Or hyde. Or something.)

One Response to “anyone willing to go with me?”

  1. yi-wen April 10, 2008 at 5:19 am #

    man. Gackt is in France right now on one of his fanclub outings. Why can’t he give a concert while he’s there, eh?! It’s only an Eurostar away!!!!
    btw. what is Itazura na Kiss’s plot like. I watched the first episode but I’m still like lolwhut the girl is annoying and the guy though he’s a jerk I support him in his bullying of the girl. By destroying your mind do you mean in a positive or negative way!

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