17 Apr

I told drake a while back that I would do this but I put it off until now…

Well a while back, I crashed Derek’s place under some rather unfortunate circumstances that I choose not to remember…XP

Anyways, while I was there, he underwent a creative burst of some sort…so he decided to label the containers he uses to keep certain condiments and whatever… (excuse the low quality of the shots, my hp camera is like that lah =P)

He started with this:

(Drake’s comment upon completion: WOW I’m so clever and creative!!! I should be an artistlah!!! Look at it!!!)

He then moved on to this…

Notice the labelled animals =P
(he later added the word “Salt” which wasn’t there when I took this picture)

And finished up with this:

In case you can’t read, the truck has “Twisties” on it(“They’re made out of corn!”) and the words next to the Superman sign:Clark Kent tinggal kat ladang lah.

Does anyone else think Drake somehow stumbled onto a hidden talent? xD

Moving on, went to St Kilda’s today for my psychology assignment – watching the sunset!
I didn’t get any decent pictures but I’ll leave you with excerpts from the notes I was taking(and yes, we have to hand in our notes. And so much pressure, Emelia wrote about 2 sheets of them I think O.O)

6.04 pm: My fingers are getting cold, so my handwriting is deteriorating.
6.10 pm: I think even the seagulls are cold.
I see lights flashing on the horizon – UFOs are talking to me!
6.16pm: I really cold. Spelling & grammar failing – symptoms of hypothermia? Brain functions shutting down
6.20 pm: Fine motor coordination gone.

So when I write my 1000 word essay, guess what will be the main feeling I will write about =P

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