Johnny’s reobsession?

26 May

Oh by the way Li
When one knows that one is perfect…
One need not hide it. HEH.
(originally this was at the bottom but I thought you might not read the fangirling Johnny’s part so to be safe… hehe)

(note: the post below is entirely fangirl. Do not read if you are
a> male and,
b> not interested in anything Japanese

Hey!Say!Jump. I want to dislike them. I really do. They’re so chibi and so talented and so overpromoted…

But I can’t.


And watching them grow up into the pretty Johnny’s boys I know that they will become…
And Chinen is so cute. I want to eat him. And his voice hasn’t broken yet…Cho kawaiiiii. Still singing all the high parts!!!! ♥♥
Yuuta is so good looking.
And Hikaru reminds me of Nishikido Ryoooo.

….and they’re all younger than me.
Disgusting. But so intensely adorable.

video of their latest PV.
Tell me if they aren’t cute.
(one of them is looking a bit too old for the group though. Can’t remember his name =D. He should be in A.B.C. or KissMyFt2 or something).
to be fair, KAT-TUN’s newest video: Linky here

Typical KAT-TUN video, with the boys looking cool.
Ueda in glasses though. ♡
Not sure why Kame is so obsessed with hats recently.
Taguchi’s short hair….. I LIKE. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Jin’s dreadlocks=not bad actually O.O ♥ They do make him look even girlier than usual though.
Nothing to be said about Nakamaru and Koki ^^U

And last but definitely not least… ♡♡♡♡♡
Domoto Koichi ♡

♥ Though in Maizu Tsukasa mode it’s like..ERM .___.
(and as usual sometimes I just don’t GET Johnny’s dance steps. Sigh)

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