1 Jun

Yes yes, I am supposed to be studying+completing my assignment but…
HOW can I not devote an entire post to raving about V6’s newest single when I had one for KAT-TUN?
I mean, even though I am in denial that I like KAT-TUN and stuff…
It’s V6.

My first JE love!
The group that just gets better looking as it gets older…(though poor Ken Ken is complaining about aching joints when dancing now…awww)

And it’s not a silly/happy fast song like well.. “Honey Beat” or something…
(as a side note, I think it was Honey Beat that started my descending spiral into the world of ENGRISH and powderful grammar …singing along loudly to “I wanna make you shining smile” does that to you.)

V6 daiiiisukiii. ♡

♡ How to study? ♡ Must go watch the video another 334,564,652,456,673,546,464,875,823,737,834 times at least and of course download every live performance version of it that I can find (UTABAN AND MS HERE I COME) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Actually I’d rather watch the live performances! No females dancing around blocking them!

Leader is becoming cooler and cooler!
Innochi is cute!(And married, so nice =D )
Mommy/boyfriend still looks so gooood
Go is reverting back to his goodlooking self, hopefully?
Kenken still does not look his age. At all. ♡
Junichi…is…growing..a beard T_T He now looks like Go! Strangestrange!


On a none JE related note, finally found where Mana of Malice Mizer went! yay! He’s producing Wakeshima Kanon, and she released a song called still doll recently! The video is sooo gothic-lolita(as expected of Mana)… and I like the song! It’s creepy and haunting! Nice!

Okies..back to Malawi @.@

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