God is so good!

6 Aug

(and so are awesome friends hahah)

I just got home and logged online and and and

Linny told me there was a slot open for Thursday Japanese Sem 2…

which means…. I will be able to get at least 1 or 2 hours more of sleep on Wednesdays…

which means I won’t be as dead during cell or Ignite!!

I’m just so psyched out about it I can’t really think straight.
It really means a lot!

On a completely deviated topic, I contemplated chasing rainbows a few days ago…
I’ve never seen a full perfect bow in the sky before… only fragments.
And there’s something about Australia, every rainbow I’ve seen here has a shadowy twin nearby…
They always have double rainbows in the sky.

It was so beautiful that something within me cried out at the sheer loveliness of it
and I guess everyone else was busy
because I didn’t see anyone stop to look and just drink it in…

The child in me wanted to chase the rainbows just for the fun I would have
but sadly I stopped myself.

Should have gone chasing fool’s gold under the rainbow, ne?

One Response to “God is so good!”

  1. Steven August 6, 2008 at 3:30 am #

    Oo oo…u really should’ve went 4 it..lol
    i noe i would’ve =P
    ya, it’s kinda sad how ppl nvr really appreciate things like rainbows as much as they should huh..

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