Ven Xhin is sooo….airhead

7 Aug

also known as “The things Su Lin has to put up with”

Yesterday during Biology pract, I put on my labcoat and felt that it was weird… I looked down and couldn’t see anything wrong…so….

Ven Xhin(frantically calling Su Lin who is sitting about 1 row away): LIN! Am I wearing my labcoat the right way around????
Su Lin(gives Ven Xhin an are-you-alright look): Er. Yeah? It looks fine
Ven Xhin(walks nearer to Su Lin): It doesn’t feel right!! The buttons are so small!!! AM I WEARING THE RIGHT LABCOAT? IS THIS ONE REALLY MINE????
Su Lin: Yeah…?
Ven Xhin(checking coat): OH WAIT! Mine had a red stain somewhere (checks sleeves) Don’t have! (sees red spot) Oh…got. So this really is my coat. Feels different though
Su Lin: …Maybe cos we haven’t had lab in a while?
Ven Xhin: Maybe…maybe…

….give me grace, I was/am sick =P

Do you reckon that I’m being too drama?

And today, my Bio for Australian Flora and Fauna lecturer told us some stories about Cacti. Saguaro(??) or something like that…

Lecturer: Not meaning to be stereotypical, but once, a bunch of rednecks over in America got drunk and decided to take a shotgun to one of the Saguaro cacti(they can grow up to about 15 metres tall). So they shot it and it fell on them.
Class: (laughs)
Lecturer: No, it really shouldn’t be funny, because they died.
Class: (laughs some more)
Lecturer: Ok, maybe it is just a little bit funny. (laughs)

Cacti were mentioned because the prickly pear variety were(are) the bane of Aussie it seems. They cover an area of giga-hectares at the moment…or they did at one time, proliferating at a rate of 100 hectares an hour(everyone go woooow with me =D)

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