Community Blitz!!

23 Aug

My cell took part in the community blitz organised by our church today! In case you’re wondering, the Community Blitz is basically an event when we go out and do what we can to help the community! (Gotong royong for you Malaysians out there..and eep, I don’t remember if there is a hyphen between the gotong and royong anymore >.< acks). For this Blitz, we went to clean up Richmond Primary School.. or I hope we did and it wasn’t the Yarra one that we went to…ack, I’m blur!

Well my cell was in charge of gardening, and boy, did we garden.. haha. Raking up leaves, picking out rubbish, digging up weeds(minimal though), pouring mulch, sweeping and the particularly disgusting one, cleaning out the former guinea pig hutch etc etc… it wasn’t exactly light work(my mom would have laughed like crazy to see me doing manual labour).

I would put up photos if I had any, but nope, we were all too busy working!(No really, it’s true!). Despite the tiredness, rain etc etc… I had lots of fun xD. I think I was kinda noisy though =P Oops. Why didn’t anyone tell me to shut up? >_<

Anyways, yesterday, partly in thanks to Lin’s proddings, I started watching Hotaru no Hikari …. and now one of my greatest fears is that I’ll become a himono onna. NOOOOO. Oh correction, not become. I MIGHT ALREADY BE ONE. *shock shock horror horror*

I mean, I’m so lazy… like my motto is ‘minimum effort, maximum result’…………………….

….I think I’ll just go watch more Hotaru and laugh and pretend that I’m not becoming exactly like her.. >.<

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