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13 Sep

As I writhe around in the throes of procrastination, I turn to my blog in some hapless attempt to focus my thoughts so that I can finally begin the fated words that will bring me hurtling down to path towards the prize – completion of my 2000 word Psychology essay!

Because I would do anything rather than begin the essay (oh sweet lady Procrastination, why I am thy faithful devotee?), I have decided to do one of my first unforced drafts (unforced meaning not an absolute requirement by some upper authority e.g. my English teacher who used to delight in compelling us to write drafts before all our compositions; I ended up writing the composition and then writing the draft, which defeated the whole purpose of having a draft in the first place, but anyway, I digress).

After great thought and consideration, this is what I have come up with. Mayhap it will aid some fellow first year second sem Melb Uni Psych student that has stumbled upon my blog perchance.

1. define social network
2. define power of influences of social network
3. once established that social network HAS power to influence, first check out costs and benefits
4. finish with WHY it is beneficial or harmful overall (you probably have to take a stand on this)
6. Be happy
7. Have a kitkat
8. Roll around
9. Start panicking about Japanese composition test (and write another draft for that! =D)

PS To any possible Pterry fans reading my blog, perhaps I should have used the Nac Mac Feegle’s PLN method instead i.e. WE HAVE A PLAN *waves piece of paper* LET’S CHARGE OFF TO WAR ACH ?(I think I just murdered something. Whoops)

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