you’ll never know who you’ll meet on rainy monday mornings…

3 Nov

…so always be prepared ^_~ (and be nice!)

Haha so what was my rainy day experience? Read and erm…enjoy? =P (honestly, it’s worth reading, just so you can laugh at me at the end) ^^U

Today I happily walked out of my room without looking out of the window (one of my failings), and so reached downstairs to find that it was pouring.

So I stepped outside, zipped up my jacket, pulled up my hoodie and took out my umbrella.

Then I looked to the left and saw this guy looking at me hopefully.

Or rather, he was looking at my umbrella hopefully.

(A few seconds ago I saw him running from up the street under of the shelter of the awning that was in front of my place)

And so, I, being the wonderful person I am, turned to him and the conversation and subsequent events were as follows:

VX: Hi, where are you heading?

Dude: Melbourne University. =)

VX: Well, I’m going there too, would you like to come along? =) (ok I admit I don’t exactly remember what I said but it was something along those lineslah! and you can sort of imagine the smileys as the expression on my face at that point in time =P )

Dude: Thank you very much! =)

(and so we walk towards uni.)

Dude: So, what course are you in? =)

VX: I’m in Science. =)

Dude: Science? What sort of Science? Is it something like Physics or Maths? (a fairly basic question, one gets it a lot).

VX: I’m majoring in Psychology =) . What about you?

Dude: I’m in Engineering. =)

VX: Oh, what sort of Engineering? =)

Dude: Electrical Engineering.

VX: Cool =D 


VX: So, you got caught in the rain? Forgot your umbrella? =)

Dude: No, I don’t usually carry an umbrella. =)

VX: live near uni I guess? =)

Dude: No, I live at Southbank. I walk to university every day, It’s good exercise. =)

VX: (Inside going !!! “SOUTHBANK???” “EVERY DAY??!!!”) Well, exams are coming soon, so you don’t want to get sick, try not to get caught in the rain so much =D (nooo I was not in a preachy mood! REALLY.)

(short silence)

Dude: What year are you in? =)

VX: It’s my first year here =) . What about you?

Dude: Oh, actually, I’m a professor at Melbourne University.

VX: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.OUUUUUUUUUU)

(Prof. Dude continues talking)

Dude: I’ve been teaching in Melbourne Uni for 20 years. =)

VX: ! Oh ^^UUUUU I thought you were doing your second degree or something. Sorry!!!!

(and the rest of the conversation was inconsequential smalltalk that I will not bore you with =P)

…and as a random aside, Prof. Dude walks very fast. As in very very VERY fast. As in I was practically half running to keep up. And it’s not like I’m an exceptionally slow walker ^^U

…so yes. ^_~ Be nice to people. He/she might be your (future) lecturer!
(unlikely ever for me though. Haha.)

4 Responses to “you’ll never know who you’ll meet on rainy monday mornings…”

  1. DannyBoy November 4, 2008 at 2:28 am #

    Woah! That dude must look really young to be mistake as a student! hahaha.>!!!

  2. liyenn November 4, 2008 at 9:15 am #


    oh man…hahahaahahahahahahahahah =p =p =p

    oh..incidentally..i might be seeing wei yang this sat..anything u want me to say to him if i do?

  3. aLLy November 6, 2008 at 4:08 pm #

    hahahahahahha! man, that professor must look REALLY young!!! and yeah, funny how things like this happen.

  4. Steven November 7, 2008 at 12:32 am #

    hahaha, u’ve just brought blurness to a whole new level 😀

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