I am in *love*

20 Apr

…with a cute little ball of fluff I met today!!!! (and now I have visiting rights. Muahahahhahaha.)

Doing good deeds does get you rewarded..in unexpected ways! XD

Vision 20:20 in church today was super funlah… xD
Before the actual meeting, China and I(gwailo) (yes we are super racist and call each other that) we having some fun during the ‘rehearsal’ like this:

(Human masquerading as Pastor DD for rehearsal’s sake): And now, I would like to announce our new name…
(drumroll in the background) …

China and Gwailo: HILLSHAKERS!!!!!!! PLANETSONGS!

(Said human): XD

China and Gwailo: Heh heh, made him laugh!!! *highfive*


(Guest Pastor): The new name is great, but I really like the other suggestions I heard earlier, like Hillshakers and Planetsongs!

China and Gwailo: (look at each other) XDDDDDDD

…Just in case you’re wondering, Richmond AOG’s new name is… Bridge Church Richmond!
Honestly didn’t like it when I first heard it, but hey, it really grew on my.. I think it’s pretty much an awesome name now 😀 So excited for the future!

…oh and I found really funny:

Ps Alex: What did John the Baptist’s diet consist of?
Locusts and…grass??

(Guest pastor): John the Baptist ate locusts and grass..which is fine as long as he didn’t smoke it!


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