sometimes I sink into the whole…

28 Apr

“Why bother? and “They don’t care, so why should you” mentality, which becomes a battle of the “me-who-wants-to-care” and the apathetic me which is more like my original personality anyway so it’s always so tempting to just give it all up.

That aside, I have two tests coming up this week, and since I quite happily forgot to study for my previous Japanese test before the Easter holidays, I am determined that it will be different this time around… =S But I am a dismal failure at the listening and grammar components…….

Last irrelevant part of this post, about a week ago, I happily bought a packet of M&Ms(TM) that is part of the horrendous campaign started by the company where they no longer mix the colours of the M&Ms. I *thought* I could handle it, even smirking a little as I read blog posts of the sufferings other people went through when faced with an entire bag of unicoloured M&Ms, thinking that I was strong enough to handle it. Oh, how does pride go before a fall.

When I opened the bag, forgetting to even steel myself against the shock, and yes, when faced with the sight of bright orange M&Ms without the delightful, colourful variety that is part of the M&M experience.. my spirits absolutely sank. Bright orange as they are, they resemble nothing more than some terrible new vitamin… After bearing with the sight of those orange monstrousities in the tupperware I placed them in, today in Safeway, when I saw an ‘older’ bag, manufactured before this insane marketing scheme took flight, I bought it… and now, sitting on my table is a tupperware of happily (not quite)mixed M&Ms, with an inordinate proportion of orange ones.

And if you are wondering, now whenever I take a few to eat, I always try to take more of the orange ones in a vain hope that I will be able to even out the colour ratios… eventually.

One Response to “sometimes I sink into the whole…”

  1. ye May 3, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

    lol! did M&Ms really do that?? i can imagine the unicoloured M&Ms and already i’m depressed. hahah. :p

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