In case anyone is wondering about the M&Ms…

10 May

…I did eventually even out the colour ratio by persistently eating the orange ones and pretending that they were not all orange… =P Now I have about a handful of lovely mixed coloured M&Ms left. I would take a picture but am too lazy to upload the pictures xD

Now I have to rave about a show that took up about 10 hours of my life in about 2 days because it is just so good. Maou, starring Ohno Satoshi and Ikuta Toma plus unknown girl etc etc.
Before this, whenever I watched Arashi videos(if at all), I only stared and “KYAAA”ed at Sakurai. Now, after Ryuusei no Kizuna(which is completely lovely with Nino) and Maou(with the really really lovely Ohno)… two more members to kya at =X . Ohno and Toma really cried a lot during that show though. Especially Ohno. Even though he was technically the ‘bad’ guy. I really enjoyed it! And I completely rooted for the canon couple :< . Sue me for staying in the box. And I loved the theme of how the truth was hidden within webs and webs of lies and misunderstandings, and how everyone involved would have been so much the better if the truth had just been told in the first place. Also like the exploration on what happens when people refuse to face up to the truth.

I like that when the truth was revealed, they were all set free. In a way. At least that was what I think they tried to imply. Though I would have preferred an alternative ending, but of course, to be dramatic and cool, it had to end that way I guess.

And also loved how Ohno’s character manipulated all the darkness in the hearts of the people. Kya! I rate it about 9/10 for a drama(Ryuusei no Kizuna gets an 8 because I felt the ending was too draggy). And for some reason as I was watching, only thing I could think about was “Hey, Ohno’s so tanned. I never realised he wasn’t one of the fair Johnny’s boys.” Guess because before this I’ve always loved Ohno’s voice but never bothered much with his face. Heh.

=O Back to reading about amnesia for that lit review zzz. Need to keep up my “excellent references” record, and also push up my bio psych grade to H1. zzz.

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