*whine whine sob sob*

10 May

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself…
…why do I get upset when  I see that the Taiwanese are making dramas out of my favourite animes/manga?

…ok I know, I accepted Rainie and Mike He in Akuma de Sourou
…probably the only reason why I thought ISWAK was ok was probably because I’ll never read the manga because sadly the mangaka died before it was completed.

…Taiwanese Hana-Kimi…. might have been ok if they had changed the two leads. Jiro Wang was pretty cute in Nakatsu-character though(Ikuta Toma was cooler =P).
…Taiwanese F4…I shall keep quiet.
Mars … was… *sobs* *doesn’t want to remember it*

And now…And now…

Skip Beat! is going to become…. Extravagant Challenge… starring…(horror of horrors) Jerry Yan as Tsuruga Ren. If he were Shoutarou I wouldn’t care(he might even fit Shou). But why Ren??? And Ariel Lin is Mogami Kyoko. T___T

…To be completely fair, the Japanese adaptation of Cat’s Street has been giving me horrified goosebumps since I saw the cast. To be precise, the male cast. =O Oh lovely Korean-samas, please make a Korean version.

To end, an online conversation yesterday-

B: A-さんが大好きです。


(( translation

B: (in Japanese) A, I really like you!

A: (in Chinese) You’re cheating my feelings. ))

B: xD

A: You’re back to bullying me. You always bully me.


Back to my essay. Might keep on updating progress here, since there’s a “I’ll do anything but this essay” mentality atm.

ESSAY STATUS: 340/1500 words

2 Responses to “*whine whine sob sob*”

  1. dannyboy24 May 10, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    LOL I have no idea what this post is about lol… but… haha Good luck in your essay! 🙂


  1. exams exams, so fun ^_^ « If Not You, Who Else? - June 8, 2009

    […] if you guys remember A-san from the convo back here, A-san has finally seen that blog post and sends the reply: […]

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