because sleep is evading me…

12 May

Today as I was talking to a friend I jokingly made a statement that “I wish I were worldly and wise”. Then later I thought about it and continued, “But then I’ll probably be jaded.”

Conversation then turned to how I thought I was actually less of a bitter cynic than I used to be (for friend, she says it’s the other way around i.e. as time progresses she’s gotten more cynical).

I used to believe, without ever voicing it out, that we live in a beautiful world, filled with God’s marvellous creations, except that it was marred by the hideousness, darkness and atrocities of the human race. To be fair, in the world rankings for inner ugliness, I gave myself the honour of being one of the frontrunners. Don’t you think that did wonders for my self esteem? (There were rare*shining* individuals who managed to be inwardly beautiful, a generally unachievable state of being which the rest of us ugly ones usually openly despised but secretly longed for and aspired to).

It took me a very long time to get into my head: ALL God’s creations are beautiful. That includes the entire human race, and definitely includes me(and you, lovely reader). Sometimes you just have to look  a little harder to see the beautiful creatures that we (all)  are ^_~

(I learnt in class recently that lack of sleep does all sorts of things to is generally known. Haha.)

Essay status: 906/1500 words =D (thank you for your comment danny!)

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