So in the end…

13 May

…I went for the lecture.

Dozed off for about 10 minutes as he went on and on about one single slide.
Was amazed when I woke up and found that the slide still hadn’t changed.
Unfortunately, he also has the distinction of being the least articulate of all my lecturers this year(or maybe a close second). Coupled with his subject matter… Very hard. The next(last) four lectures will be trying.

I’ve been spoilt this semester though. So far, generally all the second year lecturers are good, ranging towards excellent, so… yeaps.

Forgive my constant posts lately. This is known as procrastination.

So earlier today, I was doing some legitimate stalking i.e. Facebook and suddenly remembered a psychology tute I had earlier this year that focused on bullying.

I somehow really managed to amuse my class when my group did a presentation(we did cyberbullying+cyberstalking), and among the other things I had to present, one was the differences between bullying and cyberbullying/stalking.

And so, I said(something along these lines):

“Well, with the advent of sites like Facebook, stalking is made much easier. Gone are the days when you had to stake out the person’s house through bad weather etc etc. Now, with a computer and an internet connection, you can even stalk from the comforts of your home!”

…for some reason I was in a rather bubbly mood and declared all this in a really happy voice.

My class started laughing, and my (grinning) tutor had to quickly clarify “We’re not advocating this!”

…Ah, the joys of stalking other people from the comforts of my room šŸ˜›

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