the power of association…

1 Jun

I would just like to say as a disclaimer, YOU might have thought the same thing too!
Or maybe not ^^U

So today I was near Flemington road waiting for a tram, and I saw these ads on the tram stop across the tracks.

The first one, blazoned in bold words was:  Who’s facing the impact of climate change?

It was supposed to be a composite picture of some sort, I imagine, but I was far away enough that I could only see the big picture of some dude. So that was all fine and happy, then I looked at the other ad – Ice can tear your life apart.
The picture was of a depressed looking female with wounds on her arm.

So I assumed that the two ads were connected (you know, climate change, melting polar caps, global warming ice age all that..) … then I looked at the picture thinking, “Man, that’s a serious case of frostbite!” (bear with me here)…

Then some little voice in me to look and think again because all that didn’t really match up.

Then I realised.

“Riiiiight, ice as in meth, speed or whatever it’s called.”
(yes yes I know speed is different from ice whatever. I associate them.)

How was I supposed to know those two ads weren’t related!

*study study*

One Response to “the power of association…”

  1. Secret Angel June 5, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

    I like it. Proves tt ur brain is preoccupied with more relevant things. =P

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