I remember one CNY many years ago…

12 Jun

…when cousins, aunties and even one or two uncles decided to gang up on me and laugh at me for having the “bad taste” to think that Joe Ma and Louis Koo were the hottest TVB actors of that time.

Their reasoning: “EWWW BOTH SO DARK. AND SO UGLY. You have no taste!”
…every time Joe Ma/Louis Koo appeared on TV, I was laughed at again.
They said Joe Ma was always the bad guy and LK was too dark.

…years on.. I can say. HAH! Who had the excellent taste to pick them out, huh?
Louis Koo is one popular actor and Joe Ma gets leading roles! HMPH.

And now, Raymond Lam, the dude most girls can’t help but swoon over…He ain’t no Snow White either!

Anyway…what started this whole TVB drama thing for me today was..talking about it with wenting!
Talking to her+influence from Gwen..has led me to compile a list of TVB dramas I would like to rewatch…sadly I think only Golden Faith is achievable(because A) it is new enough, B) it was popular enough)

(btw, don’t bother reading below if you have no interest in TVB dramas =D)

Dragon Love A classic I remember from my primary school days. Back when I though Benny Chan was the coolness. I’m still a fan of Fennie Yuen after all these years(wanting purple hair highlights was because of her). Surprisingly, I can even remember the highly irritating female side character. Clearly.She had a *Terrible* way of crying.

The Awakening Story I loved the OP and ED. Once wanted to be able to sing them. Still can’t. Has one of my fav pairings(both the senior pair and junior pair). Storyline was good. Had Myolie but I don’t remember her.

A Handful of Love One of my favourite TVB actresses, my ALL TIME fav TVB actor(in case you still haven’t realised, that’s Joe Ma). Cute story, I got to see him in an apron and use a rice cooker to bake a cake. What’s not to love?! (he did the cooking in his household in this show. *heart heart*). Bratty kids though.

Strike at Heart Ok, I have to admit, the antagonist in this show was SO ANNOYING. =.= On the other hand, eye candy in the form of Sunny Chan, Charmaine and of course, Joe Ma =D. Ending wasn’t to my taste. Meh.

Lady Fan Same main couple as ‘A Handful of Love’. Yummy. And period drama. I adore period dramas. Long hair, swish swish of blades, wires to let people fly. SO FUN =D

A Step into the Past Louis Koo and Raymond back when he was uglier and not as droolworthy. I REMEMBER people laughing at me for saying I liked Raymond too. Then he got hotter and people stopped laughing and starting swooning along. Meh. Storyline unrealistic but the sumo match was worth watching the whole series for. xD

Golden Faith Very very popular. Had Gallen and Derric Wan. Even had Raymond. Only down factor, had Myolie. Thankfully she was not the main character.

Face to Fate EYE CANDIES GALORE. Ok, Frankie Lam and Raymond Lam (hey they have the same surname in English =O). The girls were a bit irritating though. BUT EYE CANDY.

To Catch the Uncatchable Rare that I will recommend a show with no (male) eye candy (I am a fan of the female lead, Ada Choi but that’s a different story ^^U). This one had so many laugh out loud moments, and I am actually a big fan of Dayo Wong as an actor. The ending was marvellous, and honestly, the ‘extra’ ending that the fans demanded was just a bit silly xD

The Vigilante in the Mask, Good Against Evil and The Legend of Love The first two may have been good, but I don’t really remember (but tVitM had Derric Wan with a mustache. EW). The Legend of Love wasn’t amazing but it had Derric Wan. ❤ (my mom still wonders why I admire an actor almost old enough to be my dad, who started acting before I was born. >.>)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999 I know, I know, this is a total messup of JinYong’s classic but..but..
1. I like Sunny Chan! 2. I liked the guy who played the bad guy!(can’t remember…name…) 3. It brings back memories!
…this was one of Charmaine’s earlier shows, before she learnt voice control techniques and whatnot, so her voice is AWFUL. Especially when crying(which still happens now actually =X). I’ve been told this isn’t that great, but I would still like to watch it again. Especially for the colourful KUNGFU computer graphic effects. So entertaining!

…and that’s done =D

If I made a list of the TVB dramas that I haven’t watched yet and *want* to watch ^^UUU that would take waaaay too long.

2 Responses to “I remember one CNY many years ago…”

  1. Secret Angel June 25, 2009 at 12:45 am #

    Excuse me, I think Louis Khoo could melt the tarmac on the road!
    (Although I do think he overdid his tan. Sigh. Silly boy overdid the Athletic look).
    Isn’t he a bit manly for u tho?=P

    And Joe Ma’s just suave!!

  2. Mandy June 27, 2009 at 2:29 am #

    Absolutely loved Dragon Love and the Flying Fox thingy. Want to watch them again but dunno where.
    Love you!

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