another normal day…

17 Jun

The Morning
So this morning I got to experience a true auditory hallucination as I transited between REM sleep and consciousness. It was frighteningly realistic as I struggled between conciousness and sleep… I realise why people of yore used to think demons were speaking to them. And I also understand how schizophrenics and people who suffer from narcolepsy feel too =O  Very freaky.The funniest part was I realised what I was going through and then started analysing it.

The Bad
Then as I was walking to Gwennie’s place to go study, I decided I might as well detour to Uni and pick up my Bio psych essay. Was horrified to find out that I had somehow neglected to attach my painstakingly compiled reference list, wasting my effort+losing valuable precious marks in the process. Felt really intelligent u.u Chin up though! If I have 40 MCQ questions, I just need to get 39 correct to get that H1. >.>

The (kinda) Good
So study study, then trammed to Ignite.. Got on a MCG tram that did go all the way so that was ok…

The What-could-have-been-REALLY-bad
After Ignite decided to run to catch a tram. Stepped out in front of rapidly approaching car, traumatising friend in process. Ended up running for a tram that was not in service anyway.

Then the highlight event of the day/night!
The Really, REALLY Weird.
Went to KFC with kawans, ate. Strange dude decided to sit next to me. After scarfing down his friend’s food like some ravenous beast (while making small talk with us), he decided to open my (discarded) snack box and then proceeded to eat one of the chicken bones left inside there (Gwen and I still aren’t sure if he ate my bone or hers). Still disturbing enough though.

The Random facts:
Teresa Teng sang Japanese songs. And was pretty big in Japan. And the songs were pretty nice!!
Mostly thanks to Cal, I am addicted to Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Man!

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