Item #1 & #52

26 Jun

Inspired by Evelyn, I decided to create my own 101 things in 1001 days list, but found myself stuck at around Item 50 onwards.. so I decided to make my own condensed version -60 things to do in 600 days : D !

So Item no. One was : Finish the list! Haha

Item # 52 was : Play futsal!

So today, ten guys and four girls headed over to Albert Park @ the F1 pitstop to clash in a futsal tourney! MY, WAS IT A FREE FOR ALL BASH! MUA HA HA.

Anyway, we had stacks of fun, but were too lazy to pull out our cameras so.. no photos, only memories!

Since the dudes were all lovely and gentlemenly and had the “no touching girls’ rule in action, we could more or less take shameless advantage of it xD Jills and Ann-Nyee scored a joint goal! Whoohoo =D

Tally of my collisions: Once with Tjin, once with Cheng, once with Jills..and… (wait for it)…

many many many many many times with Ann-Nyee >___<

It’s like hurting some defenseless creature ! As I declared later, my body, heart and conscience were all hurting at the same time!

Tally of hurts : Aching legs, sore/bruised knee, body will probably be sore tomorrow too.

Tally of fun : Stacks of it! =D

…random shot of Kaya Toast =X Because we went to Old Town Kopitiam today and I was thinking of it. *sigh*

with hot milk tea

with hot milk tea


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