Hillsong ’09 was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

11 Jul

I’m not going to try use mere words to describe the experience and the encounter, but I loved it.

And I must say, the Hillsong team, the Lakewood team and Chris Tomlin+band sound even better live.

I am also now a fan of pastors Craig Groeschel, Joel Osteen and Louie Giglio, in no particular order (but I may like Ps Craig just a smidgen bit more because he is *too* cool).

…before I forget. Results are out!

I think I told a couple of my friends, that I’ve never ever felt so bad about my papers than this semester. I walked out of my Developmental Psych paper so discouraged and so crushed that I started to wonder if Psychology was really the right subject for me. I was thinking that maybe, it’s not too late to switch to another subject.  To make things worse, on the day(or the day before) of my Biological Psych paper, I went to get my results for an essay I submitted earlier this semester. I had casually handed in and forgotten an important section, losing me many valuable marks. Additionally I had actually been very confident about that essay, so that was a blow.

Exam period ended on an even newer low when I went into a mini-panic state during my last Genetics paper(the subject I had the most confidence for) and could barely do any of the short answer subjective questions (involved using and applying various formulae). In my head, my projected results were : P P P P .

Considering I need H1 for both my Psych papers or at least high H2As, exams were a *Very* sore topic.

And then…when I finally got to see my marks…

Dev Psych: H1
My jaw dropped. It really did.

To put icing on the cake, H2A(and a high one at that) for my Bio Psych.

God is too awesome : D

(about my other two papers, H3 and P. haha. but they don’t matter for my honours year…
and really, I honestly think these results are God’s grace 😉

I really am quite amazed still. My first H1 for a Psych subject!!! )

btw, to all the lovely ppl who remembered me on my birthday… LOVE! and thank you! =D
Especially big thank you to the 11 people who celebrated with me in Sydney and forced me to do terrible things and planned(But thankfully didn’t carry out) several evil schemes.
(to the Facebookers… I’ll reply to you guys when I get back on Facebook ^^U)

One Response to “Hillsong ’09 was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.”

  1. ting July 12, 2009 at 12:09 pm #

    yayyyy! God is gooood! =D pity we aren’t in the same country now, coz all these counts for a major celebration no? =)

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