A change of taste…

15 Aug

…or the rediscovery of an old passion? XD
(image heavy post)

For those of you who know me *quite* well, you will be aware of my deep likingobsession for the pretty(ok this is subjective) boys from the JE company…


Kinki Kids

KinKi Kids!

(kya koichi!)

happy arashi

happy arashi

Arashi 😀 The happiest boyband in JE.

..because they look so cute and happy and I think this picture doesn’t do Sho full justice…another picture ❤

Serious Arashi

Serious Arashi

..but yes. Anyway, as I wanted to say…

though visually these pretty boys are very easy on the eye, pleasant to ‘kya-kya’ over..

their style of music tend to lean towards the bubblegum pop, happy-happy or very dance-y tracks.

Which isn’t my first choice of music generally.


Since I have finally found a *new* source of music+videos … I can finally give in to my true J-music tastes…

…J-Rock ! (and metal <3)
So the yummy new bands I’ve come across recently are..


Alice Nine : D

acid black cherry

Acid Black Cherry (he’s the vocalist for Janne Da Arc; I think I’m spelling that wrong)


and my favourite so far..

the GazettE
the GazettE ! ^__^
Adore their ballady rock songs.

Stop judging me! I just happen to like metal/alternative rock, and in Japan, the many of the metal/alternative rockers dress up like that!!! (not that I’m complaining ^^” ).

Let me not colour your perception of J-Rockers entirely that way though…
There *are* normal looking ones.



(but UVERworld sings erm…punk+electric a bit also, not so much rock-rock)

suga shikao

See, he looks pretty normal too. Ne?
(he was the writer of KAT-TUN’s Real Face. Which is pretty much an awesome song).


…and actually on an ending note, if you reckon any of the above are weird, well, you haven’t seen one of my longtime favourites, Malice Mizer (who have disbanded).

Malice Mizer

Yes, they dressed like that a majority of the time.


Nope, it was not a one off thing.

And I cannot mention J-rock without L’Arc~en~ciel and the delectable hyde-sama.
they are classified in the same genre as Malice Mizer in terms of how they look (i.e. Visual Kei), believe it or not. But L’Arc~en~ciel has never been as ‘dressed up’ as Malice Mizer in any points of their (long) career.

…of course there’s Gackt. But Gackt’s true charm is in his funny antics on video so I’m not going to scare anyone else by putting a picture of him up. But he’s definitely way up there in my heart. Especially when he goes on the Domoto Kyoudai show with KinKi Kids. Awesome combo!

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  1. Nastasha Park October 11, 2009 at 6:34 pm #

    u know a photo of nick at calvin’s classic 21st would go very well with this blog:P

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