Melbourne already has 4 seasons in one day…

23 Aug

…so 6 to 8 seasons in one year is nothing. xD .

So according to this article, it’s probably Sprinter now.
It’s a mad time of the year..when everyone’s in the mood for the cold to be over, and thus dress that way, but the winds are still so shockingly cold at times that running around in shorts and a tee just isn’t very clever.

With the advent of Sprinter cum Spring, people have taken back to their sun-loving habits and sitting on…


Honestly… the idea horrifies me to say the slightest.
I do not sit on grass unless under duress (i.e. social obligation of some form or other).
Lin on the other hand adores sitting on the grass soaking up the sunshine (another thing I particularly object to).

I am aware a large part of my distaste for plonking my behind (and the rest of me) onto grass stems from my intense fear of…

(I was going to put up a picture of caterpillars too but those green furry things disturb me so much I don’t want any pictures of them on my blog).

(I have also made some headway in my 60 things to do list, BUT all the photos are in my updates a-coming another time!)
Farewell Winter. I’ll miss you, especially during the summer months. T_T

2 Responses to “Melbourne already has 4 seasons in one day…”

  1. Steven August 24, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    haha, u’re studying what do u tink is the explanation behind ur inexplicable fear of creepy-crawlies?

  2. vx August 25, 2009 at 1:02 am #

    it’s not inexplicable! It’s called bad childhood experiences!!! >____<

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