gripped by indecision!

18 Nov

(fangirl post. For quick update on my life, I am down to my LAST paper -next week!- and I have been dreaming about food a lot for some reason. End life update. And I finally completed everything on the list of things to do from the previous post :X . Yesterday.)

Help me decide which one to get ^^ (I plan to demand/plead/cajole/beg for one/two of these calenders! -though what would I do with two calenders I wonder =.=)

Option A – L’arc~en~ciel

hyde-samaaaa !

hyde~!!! tetsu!!  The most killingly expensive one – it’s about 200ringgit. Shoot. me. now.

Option 2: Gackt


But…but.. It’s Gackt. How am I supposed to decide between Gackt and Hyde?
*tears* (Well Gackt’s calender is cheaper. RM90 :P)

…and finally…

Option 3:  Fujiki Naohito

Don’t really like the picture, but I have confidence that the ones inside are cooler. Also RM 90.

The most painful part is… :X … if I get both Fujiki-sama and Gackt-sama, together they will cost less than Hyde-sama.



…Nick pointed out to me that everyone in L’arc~en~ciel is 40. 41 by January next year, for Hyde-sama. ~.~
As for Gackt and Fujiki Naohito, 36 and 37 respectively >.<
My favourite Johnny’s groups are V6 and Arashi – I’ve liked V6 since I was twelve so they ain’t exactly the youngest people around >.< (wow next year will officially be 10 years of loving Johnny’s Boys. I should celebrate it somehow).
…maybe I should go stalk KAT-TUN or Arashi for people closer to my age >.<

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