a flurry of activity…

2 Dec

…over the past few days, going to Ikea, Harvey Norman, Big W etc to get all the necessary stuff done when one shifts.

As you walk through the stores you realise more and more how much you lack and so-called ‘really need’ … it’s been fun @.@ Still so many things to get!

Measuring my room, planning out the furniture in it (having a minor heart attack because I had gotten the dimensions wrong and so could not fit all that I had planned… packing heavy boxes filled with my books that poor Cal had to carry (thank you!)…calling the necessary people, changing my addresses… haha. To think that I wanted to shift out.

That said, I’m really looking forward to next year! (though three flights of stairs to get to my bedroom is…a rather scary thought. Xhinny will be fitter next year! (or a complete hermit who refuses to leave her room because she doesn’t want to go up and down stairs haha!)

(haven’t been taking photos of my new place, but when I do, will put them up!) 😀

Since it’s nearing the end of the year, what better than to post some photos of the year?  Unfortunately I’ve been rather lazy this year, not many photos, here are some random shots…

Got to eat Drake’s cooking for the first time! Yummy! ^^


The first time he came we were like, “Ok ok, we’ll meet up with you! Wake up early for breakfast? Sure!”
…now we’ve seen him so often that we even have a habitual breakfast place @.@ (why we meet for breakfast when neither Sung nor I are morning people who normally eat breakfast is beyond me. Lin’s influence? ^^)
Congrats on graduating + getting a job btw! (Since you claim to read my blog, even though around 80% is completely incomprehensible to you ^_~)


I helped make some! (like…3 maybe ^^” )


went to the zoo together – kinda funny to think back to college days and then fastforward to now (:


Farewelling the fair lady – but will be seeing you in Jan! How awesome is that ^^


Great Ocean Road! It was pretty ^___^


And finally…so far, everyone who’s visited my house and seen my toilet has commented on them…

Is my toilet roll castle that weird? ):
I’m collecting them for my (non-existent) pet hamster!
…now that I’m moving… I have to start all over again D:


…and speaking about moving… I need to finish packing!



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