I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before…

9 Dec

…but after having a talk with my sister(and family), we have come to the conclusion: I really like older men. As in *really* like them. The current cut off point seems to be about 35 u.u

(All info from the pool of all knowledge, Wikipedia.)

Observe. Some of my favourite celebs of the English speaking variety include:
Johnny Depp(46), Hugh Jackman(41) (incidentally both these men were voted Sexiest Men Alive so it does show my opinion is shared!), Jon Bon Jovi(47), Alan Rickman(63), Colin Firth(49), Hugh Laurie(50) … the list goes on.

I’ve mentioned some of the Japanese ones here. (Hyde(40), Gackt(37), Fujiki Naohito(36))

And if you’ve been reading my blog much, you’ll know that I positively adore TVB’s Deric Wan(45) and Joe Ma(41).

my mom has told me marrying an older man isn’t too bad as long as he’s not older than my dad ^^

…Anyway, life back here in M’sia – still getting terrorised by comments of how much fatter I’ve gotten. IT’S HORRIFYING. I’ve been threatening food-abstinence, but no one takes me seriously because they know I can’t u.u

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