rusty brains…

30 Dec

…it’s happening! the slow destruction of one’s mind over the holidays…
I can’t believe I spent several minutes wondering if a chicken is a mammal.
(I was thinking, Chordata, warm blooded… etc, forgetting the important thing that most primary students can tell you – mammals give birth to live young Monotremes – I studied Australian Flora and Fauna last year and still wondered if chickens are mammals. Argh -.- > ).

Finally managed to catch Sherlock Holmes on screen today and well…
-.- I guess what mainly spoilt the movie for me was..the fact that it was titled Sherlock Holmes.
If they had called it something like “Iron Man’s Foray Into 19th Century England“, I probably would have thoroughly enjoyed it.
As it were, my thoughts during the movie were “The real Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be doing something as undignified/emotionally fuelled/callous as that.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a very watchable movie. I’m sure most people would be able to sit through it without getting thoroughly disgusted or bored. And I read somewhere that RD Jr actually lost weight so that Sherlock Holmes would look thinner (not that it showed, he was still really buff o.o) … but but…  T_T  (Jude Law was cute though).

I think I’ll just stick to the books >.< (but it won’t stop me from watching the sequel if it comes out. And I’m pretty sure they’re planning one).

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