a dream fulfilled!

2 Feb

It all began in about 2004/2005. I was watching Joe Ma in a handful of love, where he played a househusband type character. As he was preparing dinner for the kids, he lifted up what was definitely a rice cooker pot and upended it – and to my surprise, out popped a plump brown cake. Ever since then, I have always wanted to try, at least once in my life, baking a cake in a rice cooker…and today, I did!

Troubles began when we realised that the only whisk in the house had mysteriously disappeared and we had also forgotten how to operate the whisk function on the machine(and the only instruction booklet my mom could find was in German ><). Only remaining option: hand mixing :X

I took the egg whites :O It was actually fun…but anyway, after all that …finally…

It was ready to cook! (I can’t really say ‘bake’, can I?)

Online recipes didn’t really give proper timing, so we were rather surprised when the ‘cook’ function switched over to ‘keep warm’ in ten minutes. We did press the cook function down another two times (and it stayed down for roughly 5 minutes each time after that) and three chopstick pokes later, we concluded that it was cooked.

Finish product:

It’s kinda small, partly because we were leery of making too large a cake, in case it turned out inedible.

Taste test verdict: It’s actually pretty yummy. Not disgustingly dry like some sponges. And not too hard to make (even when whisking with forks). Will probably try it again (: Needed a leeetle bit more butter too.

(btw to wt, for the a/c, we found another remote that works xD and still need to fix the other remotes ><)

2 Responses to “a dream fulfilled!”

  1. wenting February 2, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    haha so fun! i shall try “baking” with a rice cooker too! (though i suspect my mum will kill me for using her precious rice cooker for other purposes….)

  2. liyenn February 2, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    that is soo cool!!! i should try that too! although i think i’ll get weird looks from my flatmates =p

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