internet! a wireless connection!

30 Mar

After having lived a month without having an internet connection in my house (and having to daily trudge early to uni to download + print notes and also having to live on the kindness of friends)… it is finally done!

It somehow felt like almost every step of the way for this internet connection was against me, but one shall not go into a long rant (although technically I am allowed to – this is after all, my blog :P) .

So in my internetless one month I (in no particular order)…

1) Went to Warrnambool! (A three hour drive there, and another three hour drive back 🙂 )

Taken at the Thunderpoint RockPool. Yes, we took pictures of each other because there wasn’t anyone else around and nothing really to balance the camera on. We also spent over 20minutes stoning and watching the ocean…><

2) Was caught in the hail then flood that hit Melbourne

this was on Elizabeth/Collins, in case you’re wondering… Was stuck on the tram for 20 minutes. -.-

3) Had two housewarmings in two nights!

day 1 (and yes, poker was played with red, white and pink poker chips xD)

day 2 … I couldn’t find any massive group photos …

And to show how much we were burnt out by having two housewarmings…

You can recognise my housemate and myself by our tired smiles and the dark circles under our eyes
(though I think the housemate did more work because I kinda abandoned her both nights…sorry!!)

and that’s about all I have photos of ^^

It’s really good to have internet again, looking forward to massive catchup online sessions with all the people I’ve lost contact with!

Oh yeah, and random picture:

Snickers (the bear), the mascot of the house. As I type, he is currently sitting beside me on the couch, grinning at me.
And no, he does not belong to me 😛
The weird mutant dog does though ^^

And now internet has  eaten too much of my studying time :X Eeps.

2 Responses to “internet! a wireless connection!”

  1. wenting March 31, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    warrnambool looks so awesome (erm, based on your two pictures that is haha)! and that looks nothing like elizabeth/collin! o.O (tho my memory might be failing me, as usual.) and and… cute bear and dog!
    ok, you can see i’m reaaaally glad you’re back online ^^

  2. waiee April 3, 2010 at 8:58 am #

    aww, i want to be caught on elizabeth like that. was waiting for it to hail again but then it moved to perth. 😦
    and lol! the bear looks like it’s spanking the dog for being naughty. :p

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