I knew it…

20 Apr

… those people in the Psych department are trying to mess with my mind.

In an email today,

Student number: ******
Name: Ms Ven Xhin Pang

Dear 512 307 Student,
Our records indicate that you have not submitted your 512 307 Neuroscience
and the Mind lab report which was due Monday 19 April.  You are currently 1
 day late.  To avoid a hefty late penalty, please submit your assessment as
 soon as possible.  Information on late penalties can be found in the Level
 2/3 Psychology Manual.
Thank you,

VenXhin’s response: !!!
I submitted it!!!!
*panicpanic deep unhappiness*
And I was sure I put it into the correct box!!!! ( I am third year right??!)

Then later…

Name: Ms Ven Xhin Pang

Dear 512 307 Student,
Apologies for the previous email sent to you about not have recieved your 5
12 307 lab report.  I have since been given more lab reports from yesterday
.  Please note that your lab report has been recieved, processed and given
to your marker.  No late penalty has been enforced and I am sorry for any p
anic I may have inadvertantly caused.

… -.-

when this lab report is about 20% of your final grade …
it’s not really something that you want to see in your email!

(late penalties = 5% off the final mark for each late day)

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