still very undecided…

20 Apr

…on whether I prefer having good dreams or bad dreams at night.

On one hand, you feel terrible during the nightmares, but there’s always that huge sense of relief when you wake up and realise that it’s all not real (or that it’s happened already and you’ve already survived it and it’s all over).

On the other hand, good dreams feel really great when you’re in them, but when you wake up and find that, hey that all didn’t happen and it all isn’t true… >.> I don’t know about everyone else but sometimes it’s a bit hard to live with the disappointment. :X

Reason why I’m going on about this?
I have had well, if not entirely ‘good’ but fairly decent dreams for about 5 nights in a row.

Actually to be honest, I’d rather not dream at all.

Moving on to more fun things, I now present a possible new addition to my household back home in KL…

I’m dying of jealousy and pushing for him to be called Brighton.
There is a slight problem with that, because my family back home isn’t even sure if he’s a girl or a boy -.-

Long story as to how and why he(or she) around.
I say there is a 70% chance that we’re keeping him (and the chances increase daily as my mom gets more attached, Whoohoo!)

(this was when they first found him so he’s still a little dirty – my mom changed that by giving him a nice bath already though)

I want to go home to see him/her!!
(more updates on doggie and doggie’s actual gender once they bring him/her to the vet :X)

And in case you’re wondering, I *think* he’s a Tibetan spaniel (tibbie!)

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