current things on my to-read list…

30 Apr

…for pure personal enjoyment:

1. Earthsea series, Ursula le Guin ; I have had this for ages. I don’t know why I keep putting it off

2. The Seventh Tower series, Garth Nix ;  I found this in the children’s section, but I bought it while waiting for his Keys to the Kingdom to be released in a box set so I could get them all at once 😀 I would love to reread the Abhorsen series, too bad it’s sitting on my shelf in M’sia (and I’m excited he’s releasing a new addition to it!! The Old Kingdom and its various magics and arts are one of the best and most creative of modern fantasy authors. Definitely not a run-of-the-mill Tolkien ripoff. *coughcough arya coughcough*) – but if I was going to rave about Garth Nix, I think he deserves his own post.

3. Misc Pterry books that I want to read again (mainly Making Money and Wintersmith)

4. The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss ; the cashier at Borders told me how he and his dad absolutely loved this book :O

5. King of Elfland’s Daughter, Lord Dunsany ; named one of the classic fantasies of all time.

6. The little prince. If Australia Post hasn’t eaten it up. where are you? T_T why aren’t you here in my arms bookshelf yet?

7. Misc. Katherine Kerr and Elizabeth Kerner. Mostly rereadings.

…for enjoyment, growth, something more substantial…

1. The Attack Lambs, Mark Geppert ; sorry Li! I put off reading this for waaaay too long >< . It’s currently number 2 on the priority list, just below the next book which is…

2. Princess, by Janine Kubala ; property of the housemate. Have been leeching off her books which leads to book number 3…

3. (can’t remember the title), Victoria Osteen ; can’t remember what the book is about, only that it’s on her shelf and it shall be next on my reading priority list 😀 (I already stole the five love languages by gary chapman and it by craig groeschel off her ^^)

4, 5, 6, 7 . Four newly acquired gleanings by John Bevere, Bill Hybel, John Eldridge and Max Lucado.

….As you can probably tell, Borders and Koorong get a fair bit of custom from me -.-

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