5 Jul

… my fangirling on my blog is amusing because it completely doesn’t sound like something I’d do in real life.

(Obviously they have not seen me scream/cheer Federer on :X )

So onwards to a bit of fangirling…

In the latest chapter of Skip Beat…

Nakamura sensei drew Ryuji and Tsukasa from TOKYO CRAZY PARADISE!!!!


And since her art style has changed and evolved (and has gotten better IMO) … Ryuji looks even awesomer!!!



(enough strange sound effects, lenglui? ^_~)

(below is pure J-rock/visual kei stuff :X Just a place to post thoughts of some videos/songs I’ve watched lately)

PT’s Moon Light was a complete disappointment to me…granted I only listened for one minute, but it sounded like some noisy amateur band who had recorded it in their garage >.> I like the parts he isn’t singing in.  :C I liked Sanatorium so much I guess I had expected something else wonderful to come from them ><

There’s noise and there’s noise – Nightmare’s Romeo is much more listenable (but it is a little creepy how the lead vocals reminds me of a smaller, chubbier, younger version of Gackt >< …must be the blondish hair and blue contacts plus makeup :X)

On the other hand, I am liking Shiver by the GazettE even tempted to watch the anime that it is OPing for although it suspiciously looks like some sort of shoutacon >< On the other hand, it looks a bit like the darkish-horror genre I may like :X

Decisions! lol.

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