I should have asked my bro to stand by with a video camera…

6 Jul

…but if he had, I’m sure my dad would have gotten suspicious.

I made a call home today to remind them to pick me up from the correct airport (since this is the first time I’m flying AA home) and decided to, as my mom says, “try to be funny”.

I was ready to go all the way, and even had ‘airport noises’ on standby on my computer, but I guess my (voice) acting was convincing enough ^^” . The conversation that ensued went like this.

VX: Hi daddy!

Dad: Hi Xhin. Where are you now?
(very standard question)
VX: Er, dad… I’m at the airport. I was wondering why I couldn’t see you all…did you go to the wrong terminal?

Dad: What?

VX: I’m in LCCT now and I can’t see you all. Why are you still home? Did you get the time wrong?
(Yes I called the housephone :P)

Dad: Aren’t you landing on the 7th?!

VX: Errr no… 6thla Dad!

Dad: No, it was 7th!

VX: No dad, it was 6th! So how now?

Dad: Ok you wait there, I’ll come now.

(at this point, my mom told me later, he had opened his eyes really big in shock and about to yell for my brother to grab the car and go out to pick me up)

VX: Heehee, erm dad, I was kidding. I’m landing tomorrow ^^”

Supposedly he pulled some amazing faces throughout this convo and so I am devastated(as they say on MasterChef) that I did not get a video. Sigh!

Speaking of MasterChef, it has sparked a debate between me and a friend – all over those little french pastries called..
macarons? macaroons?

Yes yes, I know that other coconutty thing is called macaroons, so I had that line drawn out in my head…
But on MasterChef, repeatedly, it has been called macaroons, not macarons 😛 The judges, two famous pastry chefs and all the contestants use macaroon.
So my reasoning is, if they say it that way on MC, it’s good enough for me XD
It has been a debate of many text messages. checking wikipedia(I know we can’t cite it in Uni papers but it’s a good starting point? :P) and she still holds to macaron (going as far as even writing it on my birthday card xD) but yes, it’s been fun ^_~

And I know some of you are thinking you never want a daughter like me..but hey, I give him diversion and excitement in life 😛 Think of how boring it would be if I were just a good little kid ^_~

One Response to “I should have asked my bro to stand by with a video camera…”

  1. inoku July 13, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    LOL !! XD (your prank)

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