I’m really overdue..

23 Aug

…for a blogspam on Brighton ~ I know, I said pictures would be up ages ago u.u

So yes, for those not in the know, this is Brighton:

He’s extremely restless, very clingy, gets overexcited easily and has potential to be extremely destructive when bored.. (but when we jokingly complain about him, my mom will say, “Well, he walked in from the streets after all.”) There’s hope that his attitude is due to his youth and that he’ll mature and settle down once he’s older haha.

My brother and I are of the opinion that he looks a bit ugly when you look at him straight on(he’s a bit cross eyed), but has a charming side profile..


At first glance, he seems like a dainty and pretty sort of dog (that’s what my siblings’ friends have said when looking at photos)…

but in reality, he’s more like this:

He plops himself indecorously in random places (he’s almost like a heavyish woolly rug at times)..He definitely lacks the properness, dignity and decorum that my first dog had (Meh my knee is in the shot)

This is one of his chew toys.

Toy was chosen because the pet shop guy assured me of its toughness, saying his two pet dogs, a Husky and a Golden Retriever couldn’t damage it…(like I said, Brighton is destructive u.u) ..it has the added advantage of being cute, so the sight of Brighton carrying it around is.. charming xD (second time that word was used in this post).

Sleepytime zzz.

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