sensitive topics? XD

31 Aug

Today while sitting and chatting with my housemate after lunch, we started on what seems to be one of our favourite topics of discussion: The differences between S’poreans & Malaysians.

It’s a topic that we’ve covered numerous times before; today the trigger was low self esteem, body image and eating disorders, also a fairly common diversion.

What we didn’t expect was when we naturally moved on to another kinda related topic, to hit upon a minefield – what S’poreans think about M’sians and vice versa.

Almost immediately, I realised that I was getting really defensive (and I think she was a little too xD)

I won’t go into what was discussed (you go ask your M’sian/S’porean friend and be nice cos you still want to be friends after!) xD

I realise though I may not be a good representative of the M’sian population, because of my educational background(slightly eccentric) and laziness(hence ignorance) of what is going on…

But it was entertaining nonetheless šŸ˜€

A topic that was brought up also was about safety in M’sia, and how lots of S’poreans think mugging on the streets is a common, everyday occurrence in our lives. I wouldn’t have given it much thought, except that today, I sat next to a M’sian girl in one of my lectures, and she told me her parents don’t allow her to go home anymore, because of the high rates of crimes and especially burglary & rape where she lives. O.O

Is M’sia really getting that bad?!

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