bad dreams…

1 Sep

Procrastination? What procrastination? ^^

I have been told that some of my dreams are really weird…

I question that, but I’m just wondering..

How many of you have recurring nightmares about computer failure?
I’m sure quite a few of you reading this would know why I have dreams about computer failure..

It’s usually never the same computer, almost always not in the same place(well it’s always in church generally, but it’s never the same location of church, if you get what I mean) and the failures are always different, but always spectacular; it seems that it my dreams, I can only fail brilliantly or not at all. XD

I dream about a computer failing, dying on me, going crazy, not behaving as it should, at least once every 4-6 weeks. u.u Yesterday’s dream was interesting in that every time I tried to right click on the desktop to select ‘Properties’, Windows Media Player would pop up and play some extremely noisy and extremely annoying video(think Spongebob or Pokemon :X) and there would be no way for me to stop it or mute the sound. The horror.

Of course a congregation full of people would be sitting in their seats staring up at the screen wondering what was going on. Every time I dream about computer failure. It would be nice to dream about computer failure with an empty room or something. But I guess if I dreamt about that, it’ll probably be my assignment on it dying as the computer dies or something u.u

Speaking of weird dreams…

I craved that above drink so much that I had a strange dream related to it – much to the amusement of quite a few people when they heard the story. u.u

Essay status: 244/2500 :C

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