first week of midsem break…

27 Sep

Here’s photos from what has been occupying my time over the midsem break..

(I did study – for one day!)

I went to Taipan for dimsum, but was too busy eating to take pictures.

Other than that…

And then.. Monga cafe for dessert!

The pictures may not look very appetising because we forgot to take photos before digging in :X
So far the two best desserts tried in store! The top is this hot taro thing with sago, the bottom is grass jelly, pomelo, mango and this amazing thing they call popping bobba. It is yummy! XD

Also finally managed to get to Lakes Entrance! The place itself was really pretty XD

McKillop’s bridge(and Snowy River National Park) is about a three hour drive away from Lakes. O.O

All three shots feature the Snowy River! (I was half looking out for platypi but wasn’t surprised not to see any XD)
– but they are known to be in Eastern Australia so I was half hoping…

The lights and colours at sunrise are pretty (my camera is completely unable to do them justice…)
These are pictures of the lake – though I don’t know what is that particular lake called :X

The two other people who braved cold + woke up horrendously early in our attempt to catch the sunrise…
(the picture on the left was taken on the beach, the picture on the right was taken by the lake ^^)

And finally..

This was the halfway point of a very long and kinda unplanned for walk u.u

..and with that, the first week of my holidays is over. :C

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