(really random) convo with housie

26 Nov

I deal with stress in unusual ways, and my housie has learnt how to deal with me when I’m stressed(by playing along).

For instance…

vx [goes into the bathroom]: Housie, I’m gonna shower right now. and guess what. I’m gonna shower with the door..OPEN.

housie[from her room]: You’re kidding right. You’re sooooo kidding!

vx: Oh yeah? you think i’m kidding? [gets into the tub and turns the shower on, leaving the door open]

housie: You’re REALLY DOING IT? …I’m gonna come look you know!

vx: Looklah. What I have you have too. Everything also you would’ve seen before…

housie: I’m really going to come look! Why do you trust me so much?!

vx[water still running]: I already said if you want to come, come la!

[turns shower off and gets out of tub]

vx: well too bad, I’m done.

housie: I almost went to go look ok! what were you doing anyway?

vx: washing my feet. hehe. since when am I so shameless?

housie: how am I supposed to know?

vx: I can now scandalise everyone and tell them you wanted to look at me while I was showering.

housie: then I’ll tell them you invited me!

(as a side note, I’ll be shifting out in less than a month, so looks like these housie convos will end. My prospective housie on the other hand, is a fellow Psych student, so we may bring a whole new brand of eclectic weirdness. Who knows? XD)

2 Responses to “(really random) convo with housie”

  1. sarah November 26, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    HAHAHAHAHA a whole new level of weirdness is indeed possible.

  2. inoku November 26, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    lol. like!

    and lol @my icon.

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