kl through the eyes of a tourist…

4 Jan

…Tomorrow I get to play tour guide – which is always kinda fun đŸ˜€ You get to experience Malaysia all over again, haha. Plus you get to go to places you don’t normally get to visit.

The more I think about it, the more excited I feel! ^^

And on a totally different front, I was mock complaining about certain cliches that exist in almost all Taiwanese and Korean romantic comedy type dramas (also afflicts some Japanese dramas).

For instance, the main guy is usually unusually RICH and is usually a genius to boot. He is also generally arrogant, though ALWAYS has a soft kind heart inside(in some cases deep deep down. And if he acts like a scoundrel in the beginning, he always reforms and he always has some legit reason ). Depending on the drama, he is usually some sort of nobility/royalty and celebrity, and always has a nickname like “Prince” among his peers.

The girl on the other hand is usually dirt poor. She usually has some debt to pay off, or is working hard for some noble cause(ambition, family, etc). If nicknamed, usually derogatory.

When boy meets girl, said boy’s arrogance and girl’s probable lack of grace and social skills cause great misunderstanding and fighting, invariably leading to falling in love.

That usually occupies first part of drama.

After that, TENSION, in the form of disapproving parents/super hot other love interest(s)/public disapproval(especially in celebrity/royalty case). TENSION always leads to some sort of misunderstanding, resulting in separation(or else either the boy or the girl will leave for the other’s “good” or will pretend not to love the other anymore – usually by engaging in some loving act with other side character). Misunderstanding must always be over-exaggerated, and for some reason, boy or girl, despite showing kindness/consideration etc in the beginning, usually NEVER hangs around to hear explanation – or one party will mysteriously disappear/go away, leaving other party bitter and disillusioned at the perceived abandonment.

After tension and separation, generally a period of time will pass. Perhaps a month, sometimes a year, sometimes many years – if many years, another favourite cliche is to bring in a child. Then there will be utterly “unexpected” meeting, where they find themselves somehow still drawn and attracted to each other – and usually by this point, they probably have attached themselves to some other significant other. Generally, it will be bf/gf relationship, often, it will be engagement, rarely, if ever will it be marriage.

A whole load of things will happen – preferably a kidnapping, a “someone is sick” scene and if they’re throwing out terrible cliches, a memory loss incident.There will also be a “getting drunk together and doing and saying things they would not normally do” incident, unless this happened earlier in the drama(at the quarreling/falling in love stage).

All in all, at the end of events, other love interests will generally give up the main characters whom they dearly love because they want them to be happy with their ‘true love’.

And because there is supposed to be a comedy part, characters will find themselves in various uncomfortable yet funny situations at certain points in time scattered throughout.

I guess if you’ve learnt anything from all that, it is this – VX watches too many dramas ><.

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