it’s the fever talking.

13 Feb

A hodgepodge of seemingly meaningless random events have culminated into an intense compulsion within me to spill out whatever is on my mind. As of now, self doubt is warring with pride, anger and bitterness are trying to crush hope and ambition, and envy is fighting a winning battle against good sense.

Why, how can something so deeply inspire and yet so effectively discourage at the same time?

Changing the topic, today, in a half feverish daze, I dreamt.
In one of my many dreams, when I closed my eyes, I could form fantastical scenes and characters, and when I opened my eyes, they would just be, as if they had always been there and always would be. However, if I got bored of where I was, I simply had to close my eyes again, and form a new world out of the darkness behind my eyelids, in beautiful and radiant splashes of colour, and then there I would be.

I think I’ll go close my eyes now and see if a new world appears.

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