supergeniuses in dramas

4 Apr

It just so happens that I’m watching two different dramas, one British and the other Japanese, and it just so happens that both of them have a “supergenius” character. I was about to go into the differences between them, but I got a bit lazy to think so I’ll change the topic to… genetics.

A few nights ago, when we were stuck in a fish tank watching tiny figures prance around aimlessly on stage (fine, they weren’t prancing and they probably weren’t aimless, but turn off the sound and that’s all you get in the fish tank), I went into an extensive discourse of what the Rhesus factor is (if you don’t know, it has to do with the + or – sign on your blood type. Go look it up on wikipedia if you really want to know. And incidentally, I still can’t remember if I’m an A or a B. Meh.)

It was good revision of my genetics studies back from my second year in uni.

Jumping aimlessly yet another time, thanks to my excessive watching of Kamen Rider OOO & W, I dream about Kamen Rider once in a while. At least it’s more entertaining than dreaming about bejewelled or scrabble. Which I do sometimes. What’s weird is that although I’ve had periods in my life when I was addicted to DS games, I’ve never ever dreamt about them. Why is that?

And ever since I started talking about my narrative dreams (when I dream, sometimes I see future events written out in words on a page in front of me right before the event actually happens), I don’t really have them anymore.

Of course, it could be because I don’t read as much anymore.

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