saving all my love…

1 Jun

…for animals. Lol.

For tv shows, generally, if it only involves humans, no matter what happens to them, it doesn’t move me (manga on the other hand, I get so involved with the characters or relate so completely to their situations that they can have me sobbing unexpectedly).

However, as soon as you put an animal in the mix… I’ll start bawling my eyes out.

Which brings me to this show. I started watching it, thinking it would be cheesy. I mean, it’s called ‘Dr Doolittle'(exact translation: Vet Doolittle). I thought it would be something like those Hollywood remakes (which completely destroyed the whimsical storylines of the books ><), with slapstick comedy and absurb puppet animals talking. How wrong I was!

It is a character driven, relationship centred , human drama. Throw in some adorable animals (and adorable animals dying boohoo!) and then you’ll have the exact mix to bring me to tears.

I’m really liking the cast – Oguri Shun is an old favourite, and Narimiya Horoki is slowly becoming one of my favourite actors.  I’ve seen him in so many shows, but he never really stood out, until I watched him in a starring role, where he completely entertained me. Now I’m happily anticipating him as Phoenix Wright in the movie next year!! XDD

… I really need to get back to studying.

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