I just had my first paper today…

9 Jun

…and it was rather terrible.

Right now, I’m trying to be a Good Girl and work on the essay questions that my lecturers for my next paper have so generously handed to us (answer 6 out of a possible 11 questions) and be ready to vomit out the answers on Tuesday.

However, yeah the point of this post. I wanted to say that this is my first time in four years of university study that I’ve gotten full marks for units within a course I reckon (actually come to think of it, the last time I got full marks for anything was that essay back in form 2*).  I got a 100% on a test worth 30% of a unit, and another 5/5 on an essay(that I didn’t work too hard on >D) for a subject that I dislike from a tutor I dislike**.

So half a year into my course at Deakin and what do I have to say?
I’m doing alright, I have a mid-D average for my essays, course content is challenging but not too hard BUT I’m still not doing brilliantly academically as I would like. 😦  Judging from my paper today, I’m STILL in the mid-D rankings, which isn’t good enough. I need to be not just a HD student, but a high HD 😦 😦 😦 😦 Boo. Hopefully will redeem myself in papers next week, litreview due next month and everything else next semester.

*In my teacher’s words: “I tried my best to find something wrong with this essay but I couldn’t. I’m forced to give you a full mark.” He automatically became my favourite teacher that year >D . 

**who fully justified my dislike by giving me a lower class participation score than I deserved. COME ON, my classmate didn’t say much and got a 10/10, I actively participated and got 8.5?! I’m VERY sure she doesn’t even know our names and faces and mixed us up. Irritating woman. >( If I have the bad luck of getting her as my tutor for ANYTHING next semester, I WILL SWITCH OUT. 

Things I do to entertain myself. See my cute cows and sheep and chickens! 😀
(I wanted to show off my 5dogs and 3 cats and 1 horse, but unfortunately they move around too much to be shown properly :X)
This game is also one that I will never play in public because it requires me to do embarrassing things i.e. blow into the microphone to make the windmills go faster u.u

Also pictured is my lovely skyblue DS Aoshi, who might unfortunately soon be replaced when more games that I want to play keep coming out on the 3DS >(

Disclaimer: I am not actually playing my DS. I turned it on to take the photo. Playing my DS now will be fatal because I get HOOKED.

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